Friday, June 22, 2012

Technicoloured dream coat

I'm not sure why I bought 3 big balls of this yarn.
Firstly - do I even like this yarn at all? and secondly what should I make with it ?  It's the colours you see that had me very undecided.
None of my patterns seemed right  and I just kept pushing it to the bottom of the box. Till one day having  borrowed  this book from the library and reading the pattern for a baby surprise jacket I decided to just go for it. I think that it actually suits the pattern.

It is not called a surprise jacket for no reason. It had me a bit disorientated at times whilst knitting. This is what it looks like when finished.
What I liked most about this pattern is the small amount of seaming needed. Next time I will make buttonholes only on one side.

Yarn used - Patons Big Baby 4ply, 100g
Pattern - Baby surprise jacket. The Opinionated Knitted by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Now what do I do with the other 2 balls of yarn? Any pattern suggestions?


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life has been busy

so computer time is the first thing to be forfeited by me, hence my no show over the last few weeks. I have found time to do some crafts but don't have pictures of most of them to share as yet so I will leave you with these.

Embroidered bassinet sheets.

The giraffe.

The zebra.

After taking the photos I did go back and fix the black threads on the back.
I saved the patterns from a search I did on flickr for 'free embroidery patterns'. There are hundreds to choose from. 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taco costume

The quickest and easiest costume I have ever made.

Taco made from a thin layer of sponge foam that I saved from a mattress that was being discarded. I made a half circle pattern, when I laid it on the folded foam I placed the straight edge 6-8" away from the fold line so that we got the extra to wrap around the body.
Red and green tissue paper paper were used for the vegetables and yellow curling ribbon for shredded cheese. These were all stapled onto the foam taco.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome babies

 I am quite late posting this.
 After the many boys born into the extended family in the last few years I decided to stay away from pink except for a couple of baby gowns. Well I have 2 beautiful granddaughters.


Here they are in the caps and booties shown above and the blue cardigans from this post.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Leather Cuffs

Just for something different. I thought that you should see that  very occasionally the males in my life  get something hand crafted for them as well.

Hand tooled leather cuffs for the boys.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Miss M's felt animals

Hello all, I'm Miss M, a guest blogger on Bernadette's blog.
I'm going to talk to you today about how I got interested in making felt animals.
First I just made really small simple things, like ornaments as gifts. Usually for a mothers day present because I'd forgotten to buy something.
I made my Dad worry dolls in different shapes. One year I made my mum different cupcakes!!

One day mum brought  home this book from the library. This is when my felt adventure began. It is all about making cute, little felt animals. They looked very easy to make, so I attempted to make one. I think it turned out pretty good.

After that I got very into sewing, so I started to make more and more. 

I'd make more and more of these little animals because I wanted to see what they would look like wearing different coloured clothes. I would give them to my brothers, sisters and even aunty's. After a while they even started paying for them. I found this very exciting!!

I even made a mobile for my nieces bassinet. It had five little soft felt animals on it. After one of my Aunty's saw it, she paid me to make her one.

From patterns, I would take part of it and turn it into something else, like I did with this mushroom. I used the body of a panda and just added red to the top of it.

My oldest brother loves the Simpsons so for one Christmas I made him a USB pouch with the top of Marge's head on it. My family thought it was pretty impressive.
I've used felt animals for many gifts and it has saved me from buying lots of presents. I find it really fun and it is something good that you should give it a go. 

Miss M.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby knits for the twins

Blue Jumpers
4ply Patons feathersoft
Pattern- Patons book 489

Short row baby cardigan
3ply yarn
Pattern - magazine page from over 20 years ago.

Preemie cardigan -30cm
4ply Patons yarn used
Pattern-is for 8ply I converted it to a 4ply pattern - Patons booklet 1078

1. Pattern-  Premature baby jacket  4ply yarn
2. Pattern- Patons booklet 1078, 4ply wool
3. Pattern- generic jumper pattern with cable inserted on front. 4 ply acrylic yarn, size 3-6 months

Lilac jumper 6 months
4ply Patons feathersoft
Pattern- Patons booklet 445

Yellow cardigan
4 ply baby yarn
Pattern- can't remember at the moment but it needs to be made longer next time as it is too wide for its length.
Hat- basic pattern knitted in the round.

Owl hats- not a good picture. Free pattern here.
Moda Vera pure Wool 8 ply


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Noah’s Ark Baby shower

The theme for the baby shower was chosen by the mum-to-be who knew that she was having twins. It was a lovely theme to work with, animals and pairs and we had more ideas than time allowed. 
3 sisters of the dad-to-be organized the party with a little help from me.
Our aim was to  avoid using anything that would be thrown out after the party. Thus these decorations/ gifts came to be.

The centerpiece was a Noah’s Ark. 

The water was 2 blue flannelette wraps with a whale appliqued on each and a wavy line machine embroidered close to the edges.

The ark was supposed to be made from towels but they were too bulky when folded so another wrap was used for that.

The elephants have crinkly sounding ears.

The Scotty dogs have a rattle in them.

The frogs are heat packs.

The ducks and giraffes are simple softies.

The bunnies and butterflies were made from folded washcloths.

The ‘bunting’ was made from bibs and burp cloths interspersed with animal shapes cut out of fabric, stiffened and a little machine drawing done on them. Everything was lined up in 2’s of course. The food table had a plain tablecloth topped with a piece of animal print fabric over it. All the fabrics came from my stash.

Mum to be had been terribly sick for most of her pregnancy and all that she could bare to eat and drink a little of was plain chicken and raspberry slushy’s  so she got that at the party as well, luckily there was a lot of real food for the rest of us.

It was a fun party and that little family was spoiled by their family and friends.


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