Friday, February 24, 2012

The chickens did hatch on Easter morning 2011

Chicken slippers for the littlies.
Chicken slippers

Chicken slippers

Chicken slippers

I just used odd bits of leftover yarn.
The heads were made using Alan Darts free pattern.
The  larger pair (11cm long) was made with  3.75mm needles and 4 strands of 3 ply baby yarn held together for the slipper, but only 2 strands held together for the head as I didn't want a huge head.

Using 4 strands of yarn together cast on 34 stitches.
1st row : Knit
2nd row : k11, p1, k10, p1, k11
Repeat these 2 rows 11 times casting off 1 st at each end of the next 2 rows.(32sts)
Knit 16 rows
Next row K2tog across row.(16sts)
Next row K2tog across row.(8sts)
Cut yarn leaving a tail of about 1 foot.
Draw yarn through stitches and pull up tightly.
Stitch the edges together till you get to the cast off stitch row.
Fold the cast on edge in half and sew together.


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