Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Save those Strawberry crates

 On hearing that my niece was pregnant I knew at once that I was going to knit a strawberry cap and booties for her baby.
Strawberry cap and booties
A quick search for a baby sweater rewarded me with this Maile sweater which I love. It is prettier in life and the colour is perfect.
Maile sweater
Not ready to stop having fun  I decided on a 'feelie' ( yes they are usually called taggies but I prefer feelie). Cotton on one side and velour on the other, loops made from  ric rac, cotton lace, satin, grosgrain and velvet ribbons.

We can't have a strawberry present without strawberries so that's what came next. 4 different textured fabrics, yellow french knots a little stuffing and different noise makers in each.
Strawberry toys
A couple of bibs
Strawberry bibs
and a bottle cosy rounded out the gift.Photobucket

Each item was placed in a crate which I wanted to present in a basket but unfortunately none of the shops here had a  suitable one, they were all to small or round, so it all had to go into a gift box.

Strawberry gift  


Notes to self :
smaller size - knitted in Patons Bluebell,
larger size - 16 sts added to cast on edge,  knitted in Basics Merino 100% merino wool.

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