Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Red is the colour

For my sisters birthday.
Hat cake, Purse gift bag, High heel shoe card
High heel shoe card closed

High heel shoe card open
Sorry about the terrible picture but I had to scan the card.

The cake was a butter cake with a sugar icing. We had to work really fast to get all those dragees on before the icing set. Even with 2 of us working as fast as we could we did not quite manage it hence the cracks in the icing.

I had some lovely red paper with raised gold dots that I glued onto red cardstock for the purse and shoes.
Will post the template and how to in a couple of days when I get back to my computer.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

On a recent stroll in my back garden

Ornamental Ginger plant
Miniature Orchid
Fig tree
Easter lilies

Chilli plants
Chilli plants

Lavender shrub


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Embroidery on Cards

Embroidery on cards is a fun, inexpensive and easy craft with a beautiful result.

Let me show you how to embroider a heart 2 ways.
Heart 1
Heart 2

Tools and materials
Cardboard assorted colours
Old mouse pad (spongy kind)
Pricking tool (or fine pin with a head on it to protect fingers)
Fine needles (don’t want holes to get too big and ugly)
Needle threader (makes life a lot easier)
Embroidery threads (my preference is the rayon and metallic)
Sticky tape
Magic tape (removable tape that won’t damage card)

Tape pattern onto back of card with removable tape (don’t try to just lie it on as any slight movement will wreck your pic).
Place onto soft side of mouse pad.
Prick a hole into every dot on the pattern.
When finished hold it up to the light to make sure that all holes have been pricked.
Carefully remove the pattern.
Thread your needle.
Tape end of thread to the back of your work (no knots allowed); try to avoid putting tape over holes. If you have to, just prick through the tape.
Begin stitching according to pattern instructions.
When you run out of thread or need to change colours tape the thread end to the back of your work and continue.

Heart 1

Stitch guide
Come up at 1
Down at 30
Up at 31
Down at 2
Up at 3
Down at 32, continue in this way all round. Finish at the back.

Heart 2
Stitch guide
Come up at 1
Down at 8
Up at 9
Down at 2
Up at 3
Down at 10 keep going till you reach the bottom dot, take your thread across the back and come
Up at 1
Down at 8, counting on the left side now and continue around till you get to the bottom dot.
Finish off, tape your thread to the back.
Your embroidery is now ready to be embellished and mounted onto a backing card.

Please let me know if these instructions are not clear.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Purse cards

Purse cards made for a swap some time ago.
Pansy and leaf stamped tissue paper.
One of the many techniques I learnt from Trish Bayley at The techniques zone. Well worth a visit if you like card making.

 Flocked flower.

Embossed rubber stamped sunflower and beaded strap.

Gold dot paper.

Stamped hat ladies.

Famous faces. Pictures found on the web, put together in photoshop and printed on cardstock.

Australian currency - scanned and printed on card stock. 5 cent coin used on closure.

Starry fabric glued to card stock. Chain used for strap.

Beaded purse card. Bugle and seed beads.

Scotty dog - motif , tartan ribbon and beaded strap.

Beautiful pages from a calendar that I could not bare to throw out. It was fun making the beaded straps.

Embroidery on paper. Shiny embroidery thread and beads.

Just for fun  - A mums purse. Even when you go out on the town with a fancy satin and sequin purse you can't get away from baby stuff .

The inside.......

If you are interested in making your own purse cards, do a search for 'Free purse card templates' and you will have a very large choice of styles.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Slipper wearing octopus

The head is made from a washer stuffed and gathered with a rubber band into which I enclosed the legs made from 4 pairs of stuffed socks. Each sock has on a baby slipper, 2 pairs of 2 different sizes as it was a gift for twins.
See they match daddy's slippers.
Red, white and black are the colours of daddys footy team.
And we can't forget mum

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