Saturday, March 17, 2012

Embroidery on Cards

Embroidery on cards is a fun, inexpensive and easy craft with a beautiful result.

Let me show you how to embroider a heart 2 ways.
Heart 1
Heart 2

Tools and materials
Cardboard assorted colours
Old mouse pad (spongy kind)
Pricking tool (or fine pin with a head on it to protect fingers)
Fine needles (don’t want holes to get too big and ugly)
Needle threader (makes life a lot easier)
Embroidery threads (my preference is the rayon and metallic)
Sticky tape
Magic tape (removable tape that won’t damage card)

Tape pattern onto back of card with removable tape (don’t try to just lie it on as any slight movement will wreck your pic).
Place onto soft side of mouse pad.
Prick a hole into every dot on the pattern.
When finished hold it up to the light to make sure that all holes have been pricked.
Carefully remove the pattern.
Thread your needle.
Tape end of thread to the back of your work (no knots allowed); try to avoid putting tape over holes. If you have to, just prick through the tape.
Begin stitching according to pattern instructions.
When you run out of thread or need to change colours tape the thread end to the back of your work and continue.

Heart 1

Stitch guide
Come up at 1
Down at 30
Up at 31
Down at 2
Up at 3
Down at 32, continue in this way all round. Finish at the back.

Heart 2
Stitch guide
Come up at 1
Down at 8
Up at 9
Down at 2
Up at 3
Down at 10 keep going till you reach the bottom dot, take your thread across the back and come
Up at 1
Down at 8, counting on the left side now and continue around till you get to the bottom dot.
Finish off, tape your thread to the back.
Your embroidery is now ready to be embellished and mounted onto a backing card.

Please let me know if these instructions are not clear.


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