Friday, June 22, 2012

Technicoloured dream coat

I'm not sure why I bought 3 big balls of this yarn.
Firstly - do I even like this yarn at all? and secondly what should I make with it ?  It's the colours you see that had me very undecided.
None of my patterns seemed right  and I just kept pushing it to the bottom of the box. Till one day having  borrowed  this book from the library and reading the pattern for a baby surprise jacket I decided to just go for it. I think that it actually suits the pattern.

It is not called a surprise jacket for no reason. It had me a bit disorientated at times whilst knitting. This is what it looks like when finished.
What I liked most about this pattern is the small amount of seaming needed. Next time I will make buttonholes only on one side.

Yarn used - Patons Big Baby 4ply, 100g
Pattern - Baby surprise jacket. The Opinionated Knitted by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Now what do I do with the other 2 balls of yarn? Any pattern suggestions?


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